Olson for Byram Township Council

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:03

    With elections on November 8, we are looking toward the future of Byram Township. The Byram Township Council has accomplished much over the past two years and is hoping to continue this positive move forward for our town. We would like to thank Councilmen Brian Thompson and Dan Rafferty for their service to our town. We appreciate their work and dedication to the residents through their involvement on the recreation committee, the board of health, and tirelessly working to safeguard taxpayer dollars. We look forward to continuity with the council by having Scott Olson re-elected on November 8. In working with Councilman Olson over the past two years, we have come to learn that he is the hardest working and most dedicated councilman for Byram. His leadership in areas of economic growth, environmental stewardship, and making important decisions in times of lean budgets makes him an invaluable asset to our community. We have enjoyed working with the present council and, although Councilmen Thomspon and Rafferty have chosen not to seek re-election, we urge you to vote for continuity on your governing body by re-electing Scott Olson for Byram Township Council on Tuesday, November 8. Byram Township Mayor James Oscovitch Byram Township Councilwoman Marie Raffay