Newton resident publishes book

Newton. Phil R. Hebert has published “The Handbook of Savings in Freight and Logitstics,” which capitalizes on his 38 years experience in the industry.

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| 17 Nov 2022 | 01:25

Phil R. Hebert, a recently retired Management Consultant specializing in Supply Chain and Logistics, has published, “The Handbook of Savings in Freight and Logistics.”

After 38 years in the industry it’s safe to say that he has the experience. Additionally Hebert is Certifies in Materials/Purchasing Management, Certified in warehousing and Distribution, a Certified Auditor, six Sigma and Demand Flow Technology.

In his spare time, Hebert has authored over 50 technical articles published in various magazines and had one of his publication has been a case study at Lehigh University.

He has gone on to work on a book of poetry and short stories. The working title of the new book is “Homage, An Anthology.” He will also be working on a children’s book for release in the near future.