2020 KRHS Talent Show Winners

| 03 Feb 2020 | 12:03

For the first time ever, the Kittatinny Regional High School hosted a talent show for students grades K-8 from:

· Fredon Township

· Kittatinny (Junior High only)

· McKeown Elementary

· Sandyston-Walpack School

· Stillwater Township Elementary

The youngest participant was in 7th grade and the oldest was in 8th grade. There were many singers, a pianist, a bass player, and a ukulele player.

The judges were four Kittatinny students. Each performer was given feedback at the end of their routine.

In the end, the winners were: singers Clayton Doyle, Shelby Jones, and bass player Kyle Rittweger, bass player.

Kittatinny staff hope that the event will evolve each year, giving students platform for their talents to shine through.