Our Savior Nursery School honors essential workers

Stanhope. Many of the children that attend the school have a parent or parents that are essential workers.

| 06 Apr 2021 | 05:12

Our Savior Nursery School in Stanhope honors all essential workers throughout the community and school families that have essential workers.

The children decorated a brightly colored “thank you” sign that was hung outside for all to see.

Children and staff members dressed as essential workers: there were doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, teachers, Army personnel, ShopRite workers, and a McDonald’s employee.

“This was a fun way to teach the children the significant meaning of each and every one of these essential jobs” said office manager Kathy Molinari. “The children and adults enjoyed the activity very much.”

She said it is very important for the young children to be educated on what is an essential worker.

“Many of the children that attend OSNS have a parent or parents that are essential workers,” she said. “We all wanted to say thank you to the public and our families for doing such a great job during the last year.”