Stick to your New Year’s resolution with these tips from Sussex County YMCA

Hardyston. Get organized and re-energize with support from the Sussex County YMCA’s wellness expert.

| 09 Feb 2024 | 03:27

Sticking to a New Year’s resolution can be difficult and even put you at your “wit’s end.” Perhaps that’s just the place to start: at 15 Wits End Road in Hardyston. That’s the address of the Sussex County YMCA, and Senior Health, Wellness and Sports Director, Alma Dhuyvetter, has some tips for sticking to those 2024 goals.

1. Set your goals

To tackle that New Year’s resolution, Dhuyvetter recommends starting with pen and paper.

Whether you want to lose weight, spend less time doom-scrolling, be happier, or eat healthier – write it down.

“Once goals are set, you can begin to create a pathway,” said Dhuyvetter.

2. Make a plan

After you’ve clearly identified your objective or resolution, map out a realistic set of steps you can take to achieve it. Dhuyvetter emphasized that is particularly important to regularly schedule out time for yourself to achieve a goal. According to a 2009 study from the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit, so be sure to regularly dedicate time to your resolution. With time, you’ll come closer to achieving your goal – and forming a healthier habit.

Whether you wish to improve your mental or physical health, the Sussex County YMCA offers a host of programs and classes to get started.

“Mental health and physical activity are two key overlapping areas. Engaging in regular physical activity can support mental wellness, and is a great way to ensure other areas of your life are positively impacted,” said Dhuyvetter.

3. Find a community to support your mission

Tackling a New Year’s resolution can be easier if you have a support system: whether that’s a friend who has the same goal, or a community like the YMCA to guide you.

“We offer an array of exercise classes and programs to support you to begin your exercise journey safely. In addition, the Y provides great social support, and finding a workout buddy can help enhance your experience as well as support accountability.”

The Sussex County YMCA is much more than a gym. It offers an array of fitness opportunities, including a jam-packed schedule of fun, engaging workout classes and social activities.

“Getting started can be challenging,” added Dhuyvetter. “Finding time, feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of everyone else knowing what they are doing, and being unsure of how to exercise properly are all areas that the YMCA can support.”

The YMCA makes it easy to crush your goals with complimentary consultations to identify which programs you’d enjoy, orientations to fitness equipment, “class ambassadors” to support your first day in a class. You can even stream workouts from home.

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