Voters go to the polls today

SUSSEX COUNTY. There are contested races for state Senate and Assembly seats; Sussex County Commissioner; Andover Township Committee; Branchville Borough Council; Byram Township Council; and school boards in Byram, Frankford, Green and Stanhope.

| 07 Nov 2023 | 04:40

Voters will choose state, county and local officials in the election Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Edmund Khanoo, a Democrat, and Assemblyman Parker Space, a Republican, are running for a state Senate seat in Legislative District 24.

Four people are running for two Assembly seats: Sussex County Commissioner Dawn Fantasia and Chester Township Mayor Mike Inganamort, both Republicans; Baramdai “Alicia” Sharma, a Democrat; and Veronica Fernandez, an Independent.

Two candidates are running for an open seat on the Sussex County Board of County Commissioners: Jack DeGroot, a Republican, and Damaris Lira, a Democrat. The term is for three years.

In Andover, three candidates are running for two seats on the Township Committee: Karl Halteman, a Democrat, and Republicans Michael Lensak and Thomas Walsh Jr. The terms are for three years..

In Branchville, three people are running for two seats on the Borough Council: Republicans Tania Bansemer and Beverly Bathgate and Mary Whitesell, a Democrat. The terms are for three years.

In Byram, four candidates are running for three seats on the Township Council: Raymond Bonker, Lisa “Cris” Franco, John “Jack” Gallagher Jr. and Richard Proctor. The terms are for four years.

There also are four candidates for three seats on the Byram Township Board of Education: Alexandria “Alli” Cicchetti-Smith, Julie Lucente, James McBain and Lauren Pedersen. The terms are for three years.

The ballot in Byram includes a referendum asking voters whether they support or oppose a Township Council ordinance to finance $9.7 million for construction of a new municipal building.

Six candidates are running for three seats on the Frankford Township Board of Education. They are Kate Adam, Darrin Chambers, Chris Dexter, Charlene Molnar, Mindy Smith and Jessie Vaughan. The terms are for three years.

In Green Township, four candidates are competing for three seats on the Board of Education: Marie Bilik, Maarit Kelvin Korpos, Maureen McGuire and Melissa Van Blarcom.

In Stanhope, five candidates are running for three seats on the Board of Education. Avery Quayle Badolato, Carmen Pico and Mattia Scharfstein are competing for two seats with three-year terms. Lana Leguia and Yacoub Yaghnam are running for one seat with a two-year term.

Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 7.
In-person early voting continues through Sunday, Nov. 5.
In Sussex County, early voting is at three locations:
• Cochran House Building, Level PL, 83 Spring St., Newton.
• Sussex-Wantage branch library, 69 County Road 639, Wantage.
• Louise Childs branch library, 21 Stanhope Road, Stanhope.
Early voting by mail also is permitted.
For information, go online to